Using social media tools is a necessity today. As social media is becoming as an essential part of our life. Here is the list of 15 top Social Media Tools to automate and increase social media presence and increase the productivity.


Biteable - YouTube

Biteable is a social media tool that allows you to easily create small
engaging, informative, and entertaining videos
to share on social media. It is on top of
the list because it contains plenty of templates,
animations, footages, and music in its
free version. You don’t need expensive
resources to film and voice record for your
video. The paid version is also very cheap
and contains many other features.


Buffer - Home | Facebook

Initially, Buffer was just a scheduling tool
for Twitter. But now it is a social media tool that includes scheduling
services for all major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linked In, and Google.
Let’s explore some of the features of Buffer.

  • Buffer uses chrome extension to add content from the web to your Buffer queue.
  • It automatically shortens links of your share.
  • You can upload custom photos and videos.
  • Complex analytical dashboard to monitor your content performance
  • Post schedule so can share content for the whole day or for the future.
  • It keeps the posts.
  • You can make other editors
  • Buffer allows your accounts to link with each other.


Sumo Reviews 2021: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2

Sumo is another good social media tool that has the ability to share your website content to all your social media platforms. It also allows your website visitors to share your content on their social media platforms.
It also gives analytics of shares.


BuzzSumo | LinkedIn
  • Buzzsumo is a social media tool that gives you the most shared content on social media. You can check your content or others content by feeding the domain.
  • It gives stats related to top influencers of topics.
  • It has a notification system regarding particular keywords, links, author name, domain, and brand name.
  • You can track and analyze your competitor’s content.
  • You can use it to find the trend of your users’ interest.
  • You can also use it to find interesting social media content for yourself.
  • All these features were for free but if you use the paid version, you will get a lot more features that enhance your productivity.

Buzzsumo is kind of a research tool. It allows
you to get insights into your content. It tells
you about how your content is going and who
is using your content, sharing it further on
social media. Let’s have a look at the features
offered by Buzzsumo.


Zapier | Slack App Directory

Zapier is a social media tool similar to IFTTT but it is for large businesses. It has more analytical tools.
Zapier is also compatible with other tools as well. The support team of Zapier also has a list of suggestions for the promotion of your business on social media platforms.


MissingLettr Social Media Campaigns: 6 Months for the Price of 1 | LaptrinhX

Promoting your social media presence is very
important and it plays a vital role. Consistency is
the key and scheduling your content is very
important. To make it easier there is a tool like
This app automates the process of scheduling.
You just have to upload the pics and content and it
will schedule your posts for up to 1 year so that you
can focus on writing and making content.
It has templates for content creation, facilitates
client approval, and sends you weekly reports about
your content and its performance.


Meet Edgar | The Social Media Scheduling Tool That Manages Itself

MeetEdgar Is a social media management tool. It handles your content to be reposted on different Social media platforms. It also optimizes social
media traffic.
This tool handles your Facebook, Twitter, and
LinkedIn profiles through plug-ins. It keeps your
social channels are populated.


Hootsuite Review | PCMag

Hootsuite can handle multiple social media accounts.
It has a single dashboard handling all your social
media platforms. The tool allows collaboration
across the team members and has the approval
process. You can schedule and assign tasks to other
team members.
This platform also has a section that suggests different
social media management courses to improve
your presence on social media. These courses
consist of the fundamentals of social media marketing.
This tool is compatible with Facebook, Twitter,
Instagram, Google+ and YouTube, Reddit, Tumblr,
and Storify, which helps to gather data.


Mention Generates 5,000 Leads in 5 Months with HubSpot

Mention is an extremely comprehensive social
listening tool. Monitor mentions of your brand,
your products, or your competitors in real-time.
Staying on top of the conversation is easy. You can
respond to social media comments and mentions
from inside the platform, and you can use Mention
to find relevant influencers for influencer marketing
campaigns and analyze your competitors at the
same time.


IFTTT on the App Store

IFTTT helps you in defining the rules of your social
media marketing strategy. You can add and edit these rules at any time. These rules and actions
against these rules help you priorities your tasks.


AdEspresso | Digital Marketing Community

Social media marketing and advertisement is a complex
job. AdEspresso is the tool where you can do an A/B test for your content and the analysis involved.
This tool allows analysis of Facebook, Instagram, and
Google ads in the real-time, AdEspresso predicts how
your ads are doing in the audience according to the
camping name and target audience details.
This tool also syncs your CRM or email marketing
with a Facebook Ad Account, so you can access it
anytime from your phone as well.


Bitly - Wikipedia

Bitly is a social media tool that helps a user to shorten URLs making them easy to remember. Usually, links are
lengthy and hard to remember. This tool gives stats of your leads, how many leads are converted, and how much traffic? It also gives you geographical locations of clicks. It is such a handy tool that Google has
built it in Google Campaign Builder to shorten and
track campaign performance. Its built with powerful
tools to help you grow and protect your brand.



Rebrandly is one of the advanced link shorteners for branding your company. It includes your brand on
the links of your content. All content on the
internet has its own address.
What are the benefits of using Rebrandly?

  • Branded links have a 39% higher click rate.
  • Branded links have more visibility and brand awareness.
  • Branded links have more trust than normal links.
  • Customized analytics
  • Traffic routing & deep linking


AddThis Reviews 2021: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2

AddThis tool allows you to social share buttons so
that the readers of your content can share your
content on different platforms. Most importantly
this tool is Free.
It has compatibility with 200+ social media platforms
including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp,
WeChat, Kakao, and more. You can customize
the buttons and make them like your branding.
It has smart sorting features that automatically
display readers’ most recently used social media channels.
20% sharing can also be boosted with this


Design Wizard Reviews 2021: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2

Design Wizard is a good visual content maker. It has
simple interface with great user-friendly navigation.
It has many features for the Free version users but a
good library of advanced features in their paid packages.
User upgrade package in few dollars instead of
hiring a new skillset in your team.

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